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What I Do: 
I make an outline that I update as I go along, and I write the scenes for the book as I see them/or as they come to me.
While reading other author's book or ones you favor, pay attention to how the book is written. From good books you can see what you should do and what you shouldn't. Make sure you don't TELL your readers the story but SHOW them using scene they can feel like they are in.

NOTE: Do your own homework when deciding your publishing path. This site is to help inform authors and would-be published authors so that they may avoid the pitfalls.

Writing stage for Children: Think back and remember your childhood and think about you as a child. Think like you did when you were a kid and don’t talk down to them. If you write a moral story you have to make sure you don’t preach to children. It must be subtle if you have a message to teach. Read, a FEW books on writing for kids (THIS IS important). There are a lot of books on writing for children. One I liked, I’m not even sure it’s in print still, is: Writing for Children andTeenagers by Lee Wyndham. These books might also touch on finding a publisher as well.

If you need an illustrator you can talk to illustrator’s at JacketFlap 

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~BOOKS on Writing~

HOW TO WRITE SHORT STORIES by Sharon Sorenson-This book is amount the most valuable books I own. Even if you are not writing short stories, this book is a must in my opinion. Sharon Sorenson can teach anyone to write!

~Writing for Children & Teenagers by Lee Wyndham. This book is a great technical guide for writing and publishing.~

The Business of Writing for Children by Aaron Shepard as books on marketing and publishing as well.

~ EDIT YOURSELF: A Manual for everyone who works with words by Bruce Ross-Larson~

Writing Picture Books: A Hands-On Guide from Story Creation to Publication
by Ann Whitford Paul

"I reached for sleep and
drew it round me like a
blanket muffling pain and
thought together in the
merciful dark."
Mary Stewart

~ If I was born once
again, I would like to
be a woman- -always!~
Dame Agatha Christie

~I must have my share in the conversation~
from Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen